Street Evangelism

Facilitator Ricky Hobbs
Continuing Education Credits 4 CEUs
Two Continuing Education Units at elaborers represents (4) contact hours of participation in this distance continuing education experience. The Certificate of Street Evangelism Ministry for Leaders awarded for this course will have 4 CEU's Continuing Education Credits indicated on the awarded certificate for satisfactory completion.

Course Requirements:
1. Study the "Training Laborers in the Harvest Leader's Study Guide" provided in PDF format version.
2. Complete the course exercises in each chapter.
3. Share Christ with someone in the streets or public place using the principles studied in this course and provide follow-up and/or information to help them with their new life in Christ.

1. Two witnessing tract versions that you can use or modify to assist with leading someone to Christ.
2. A small booklet is provided to record the names and contact information of the new converts for follow-up.
3. On-line training video's can be viewed below in the resource section.

Upon completion of the course requirements, the student can print the on-line certificate with awarded CEUs.

Elaborers Evangelism Training Video 1

Video showing two young men rededicating their life back to Christ. This is an interesting witness showing the need to lead people past their initial response. Also, you will see how easy it is to build a bridge to another person standing nearby. The most dramatic part of this witness was the presence of the Holy Spirit felt by us and those we were ministering to.

Often times we see God establish His presence in a public place and His presence is often manifested as conviction of sin and love for all people. After we prayed and began to approach people, we could see how powerfully He was dealing with people's lives and He was giving us favor to speak to them.

These two young men were really touched by God as we shared Christ with them. They both agreed that their difficulty in life was from how they had grown up and now they were faced with doing what they could do to make it. One said, "I was on my way to get a beer and would not be talking to you now if I did not feel it (Holy Spirit)." They were trying to do their best and yet they could not live the life that they had hoped to live. When I said, "God loves you more than he loves me because I came to meet you from Arkansas," one man hugged me and you could tell they were both touched. I also was feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit so powerfully and I pressed further with my witness.

During this witness I felt the assurance in my heart that the Holy Spirit would complete a work in these men's hearts. I simply followed what I felt and the result was two changed lives. These young me did not purchase what they had intended in the store. We praise the Lord for this night and the opportunity to share Christ

Elaborers Evangelism Training Video 2

I had a special opportunity to share Christ with Irving near the Santa Monica Pier in California. We walked to a local fast food and purchased hamburgers to give to the homeless. I remember several wonderful homeless people that we gave burgers to that were asleep. When we placed a warm burger in their hand they had a wonderful smile when they woke up. It is an honor to help those that are in need. That day, we handed a hamburger to Irving and took an opportunity to share Christ with him. Please remember Irving in your prayers. He will need help along this journey in life. As followers of Jesus we must assume our responsibility to feed the hungry and help the hurting. I didn't want to leave Irving that day but I had to place Him in the hands of God and continue on down the road.

Three years later, my family and I went back to California to visit the same area that we had met Irving, My daughter prayed that she would meet him and she did. Irvin had just arrived back Santa Monica. He testified that his life remained changed from that day and took every opportunity he had to minister to others in need. It was not an accident that we met Irvin again. He encouraged us and we encouraged him. The few minutes you saw on video has forever changed his life.

Matthew 25
44 Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungered, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee.
45 Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.


We were able to visit with Irving again two years later and were given a chance to check in on him and his walk with Christ. We were encouraged to see that he was still following Christ and had actually recently returned from a mission trip with a local ministry. He was able to share with us about his salvation and the peace it has brought to his life.

Please note the following on points below on this video clip:

  1. Take time to feed those that are hungry when you minister to them.

  2. Irving had been in program after program for his drug addiction and yet he had not been helped.

  3. He seemed to have a relationship with Christ but as I asked more questions he was not sure of his relationship.

  4. Take time and pray for someone that is hurting and ask God to deliver them from their addictions.

  5. Irving prayed to come to Christ.

  6. Irving is now involved in ministry.

Irving had been in program after program for his drug addiction and yet he had not been helped. He seemed to have a relationship with Christ but as I asked more questions he was not sure of his relationship. Irving prayed to come to Christ. If you do not have assurance of Christ in your heart then invite Him in now as you pray along with the video.

Ricky Hobbs

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