Homeless Ministry

Two Continuing Education Unit at elaborers represents (4) contact hours of participation in this distance continuing education experience. The Certificate of Homeless Ministry awarded for this course will have 2 CEU's Continuing Education Credits indicated on the awarded certificate for satisfactory completion.

Course Requirements:
1. Study the "HomelessMinistry Study Guide" provided in PDf and Text format versions.
2. Review "Homeless Ministry Video and Audio".
3. Review "Heaven's Hope for You".

1. Video featuring a homeless man named Irving on a park bench in Santa Monica, California (with update from two years later).

Please note the following on points below on this video clip:

  1. •Take time to feed those that are hungry when you minister to them.

  2. •Irving had been in program after program for his drug addiction and yet he had not been helped.

  3. •He seemed to have a relationship with Christ but as I asked more questions he was not sure of his relationship.

  4. •Take time and pray for someone that is hurting and ask God to deliver them from their addictions.

  5. •Irving prayed to come to Christ.

  6. •Years later Irving is now involved in ministering to others.

2.Video featuring a a Santa Monica homeless man's dream.

I remember the words of one homeless man when I woke him up and I said, "What were you dreaming about?" He said, "Taking a shower, being somewhere else, eating food." These words broke my heart as he could not even find provision for his basic needs. Then he said, “Why do I have to be like this now?” I didn’t have an answer to his question. I can still hear his words echoing in my mind.

3. A brief moment with an impoverished man named Mack who became my friend.

Two years ago, my father had the opportunity to meet a man named Mack. He was digging through a dumpster on a cold night looking for cans as my father pulled up to talk with him. Aluminum cans weren’t all Mack was looking for as he told my father he had been searching for Christ for several years. My dad told Mack that Jesus had been looking for him too, and that night they found each other on the parking lot.

My father and I were able to visit Mack again during the Thanksgiving holiday. We wanted to spend some time talking with him to see how he is doing in his walk with Christ. As my father and I followed him on his route to the first dumpster of the day, we were able to hear from his heart. He still has an assurance of his salvation and he mentioned trying to share with others that he comes into contact with during the day. He has an unbelievable joy in his heart and an optimistic view of eternity. When I asked Mack who he is, he replied, “I’m just a person who was born into this world from the grace of God. I don’t live a perfect life….I may be down and out. I may live in poverty, but in my heart I’m rich because I have the gift of God and I have a strong faith that will carry me until the end of my life.”

Sarah Hobbs

4.This audio clip features two homeless men coming back to Christ on a park bench in St. Louis, Missouri.

I was walking along a sidewalk in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, and I noticed two homeless men on a park bench. I asked permission to sit down to talk. They welcomed me and I began to share Christ with them as I was broadcasting on an Internet radio station. It was an interesting time in the streets of St. Louis. It is a beautiful encounter with homeless people and you can listen as they speak so honestly about their struggles and concerns for others. When I completed the broadcast I went to an area restaurant for take-out food and returned to enjoy a meal together on their park bench. We have a responsibility to care for others. Remember the Lord looks upon the heart and not how someone looks or their position in society.

Please note the following on points below on the St. Louis, Missouri, audio clip:

  1. •It is easier to witness to someone by being at their level. This is why I sat down on the bench between them. Many people will stand at arms length and are often afraid of those who they came to minister to. If someone is sitting on a curb I sit down with them on the curb. I want to be sure they do not feel that I am looking down at them.

  2. •Be sure and take time to listen to those that you are witnessing to.

  3. •Make friends and enjoy the person's conversation.

  4. •Never be in a hurry. I go out to speak to one person at a time

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