We hope that the stories and teachings will be an inspiration for you to share Christ with those you meet. My experiences have been developed over a long period of time and through much prayer. We am not recommending that anyone begin their witness in dangerous areas or risk their life. Your life is a journey and your witness should be one also. Take time to learn how to love all people and to communicate effectively. Spend much time in prayer and ask for the leading of the Holy Spirit in your witness. Witnessing in the streets and door to door evangelism can be potentially dangerous. Please ensure that you are always comfortable with your calling to go to the streets to win the lost.

I have seen many individuals want to take short cuts and simply go out without prayer, covering, or preparation. You must prepare your heart and your life. Also, your witnessing will require the prayer covering of your local church and others. Work under the authority and protection of your church and your pastor.

We assume no liabilities for the dangers or situations or any harm that may occur while you are witnessing in the streets or anywhere the Holy Spirit leads you.

Ricky and Kay Hobbs,
Followers of Jesus Christ
Mercy Street Ministries