8. When we met three young men at Santa Monica Pier, we were able to help change their hope of heaven to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

While ministering with Mike Lujan at the Santa Monica Pier, we met three young men who were out of school for summer vacation. They sat down to talk with us as we asked them about their death and eternity. Teens tend to believe they are not vulnerable to death, so instead of asking about it we asked about "100 years from now." It seemed to put it into a perspective they could understand as they were met with their eternity at that point. They seemed to express a hope of going to heaven but were unsure about it. We were able to join them all together to pray to help change their hope into an assurance with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Ricky Hobbs

Please note the following points below on the Tulsa, Oklahoma video footage:

  1. We created an environment for ministry by pulling them all in together and making them feel more comfortable. By talking to all of them, the pressure was taken off of just one of them.

  2. We made them feel comfortable by our expressions and demonstrated that we were comfortable in sharing Christ in public. Hopefully we were able to serve as a model for ministering to others as we encouraged them to share with their friends.

  3. Mike was able to immediately begin discipling by giving them Bibles, instruction, and information about the decision they had just made.