2. Video featuring a young lady in a bus station coming to Christ in the midst of a terrible storm with nearly one-hundred mile per hour straight line winds. Watch as the Holy Spirit convicts her life before we ask her the question of assurance of salvation. To God be all the Glory!

We felt led to go to a local bus station to train a youth group in personal street witnessing. As we walked in, it began to rain and little did we know what the night would behold. All of a sudden we heard a tremendous wind and vinyl siding began ripping off the overhang of the building. Florescent light fixtures were being ripped off the outside of the building and debris was rolling by outside. We saw sparks from the electrical wiring and it was suddenly dark inside the bus station and now the entire city. All of us wondered what was causing this devastation outside the bus station. So many people in the bus station were in fear for their life as the winds battered the station.

The storm was so severe that it contained almost constant lightning flashes that enabled us to see inside the station. We continued sharing Christ with others and amazingly all were coming to Christ and showing much emotion in their faces as they found a relationship in Christ. Many who had previously been approached were now ready to be saved. We could see the Holy Spirit doing a work in lives. They had such an assurance after they prayed that they were no longer afraid and their tears were replaced with smiles. We had to use infrared photography to take the video clips and photos in this teaching as we were in total darkness.

We led everyone who was in the bus station to Christ except for the one elderly lady with AIDS. However, we do believe that seeds were planted in her heart. This night in the bus station, in the mist of the storm, God had reached hearts for His Son and brought peace to lives. Evangelist Ricky Hobbs