1. This video clip section features a divine appointment on a public parking lot in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We have noticed that there are lost people everywhere we go, even in the middle of a parking lot. Actually, two-thirds of those we meet are lost and without a relationship with

Christ. We have led people to Christ on many occasions in this particular parking lot and we have seen a great harvest of souls. We have uploaded a video on YouTube that contains footage of a young man coming to Christ. He was going to a store to buy a battery and had been thinking about his relationship with Christ only moments before he met us. He is like so many individuals that we meet in the streets. He once came to Christ and walked away because of sin's influence upon his life. As you watch the video look for techniques that I used to lead him back to Christ and seek to find better ways to present the gospel to others. Watch as he calls upon the Name of the Lord in prayer and the Lord saves him!

Acts 2
And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Please note the following points below on the Tulsa, Oklahoma video footage:

  1. I made him feel comfortable by my expressions and demonstrated that I was comfortable in sharing Christ in public.

  2. I shared Christ with him by asking, "Are you living for Christ." If I asked him if he knew Christ he would have said, "Yes". So many people miss the opportunity to lead someone to Christ because of the questions they ask and responses they receive.

  3. I used the scriptures in sharing Christ. This is a very important part of the witness.

  4. I should have given him more opportunity to speak.

  5. I took time to talk about the struggle many people have with sin.

  6. Notice by his own testimony of a changed life and that he actually felt his life change from within as Christ touched him.